About Us

“We, at Shiv-Naresh, see it as our intent to enkindle OUR PEOPLE to be superlative. We believe in our Culture of Sports.”

Since 1987, Shiv-Naresh is shaping the future of Indian Athletes with its modern technologies for manufacturing one of the Country’s best Sports Apparels and Equipments. At Shiv-Naresh, we have our proverb “From Indian, By Indian, To Indian” which is the principal driving factor to give our absolute best.

Classic, cultured, and expertly curated, 'Shiv-Naresh' is the ultimate destination for today's sports person. From head gears to hand gloves, from T-Shirts to footwear, we dispense Whole Caboodle.

We have an exceptional eye for what's next and a passionate drive to surpass expectations.

For more than 3-Decades, we have worked to implement the best possible shopping encounter, encouraging our consumers to express their style- not just buy apparel. We are India's leading retailer offering compelling services to men and women since ages.

The love and support of commanding Indian Athletes and celebrities are our back for the continuous efforts we put to deliver the best in Class to our Champions and Emerging Talents throughout generations.

Through our journey, we have understood the complex Indian market demands and style; so everything we do is only rooted in Sports & its leading trends. For keeping up with the pace of Indian Market & its popular demands, Shiv-Naresh employs 800+ people and has over 7000 distributors across India.


  • Performance
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
A Tale of Foundation

It was the year of 1970 when Mr. Singh was an athlete. He lived in the capital of India, New Delhi. In spite of living in the Capital, Mr. RK Singh did not find specific apparel for playing various tournaments. He had to travel to Patiala, which is the hub of manufacturing apparel, to buy even the simple athletic shoes and a pair of shorts. As a result, Mr. Singh started tailoring at home. He learned things for over a decade and increased his production.

In the year of 1978, Mr. RK Singh finally laid the foundation of India’s largest Sports Wear Brand “Shiv-Naresh.”

“Shiv-Naresh” started its production in a very confined area of the house, initially. The store was run from the home. Since then, Shiv-Naresh has become an emerging brand in the Indian Sports Wear Market.

Mission & Vision

Our focus has always been our customer’s satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. We carry products and services with finest values to the market. To meet our customer satisfaction, we ensure our representatives are enthusiasts in addressing the customer needs. We train out people to be open and honest with you. We are always looking for making our products more reliable and economical using our best technologies.

Our mission is to provide a premium quality sportswear and sports equipments to people all over India and the World.

Our Team

RK Singh

Founder and Chairman

"There was only one reason to start Shiv-Naresh 'To spread that sunshine which I never got.' We applied to best of ourselves to the task at hand. I watched, I listened, I learned, and I executed. We made mistakes, and we grew out of it, and today 'WE' stand here- amongst the biggest names in our Country."

Shiv P.Singh

Managing Director

We have always focused on developing new products regularly based on feedback given to us by our sportsmen. I feel immensely proud that we are the no.1 Swadeshi brand manufacturing active sportswear for all Olympic sports discipline. I feel greatly thankful to our sports stars at all levels for having their faith in us.

Deepak Singh


"I remember when people started looking up at us, I realized we not only build links but relationships. Even on our bad days, our team stick with us. With the ever-growing sports market, we leveled up. We visualized, and we actualized, and this made us stand where we are today."

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