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Sports Track Pants: Style and Comfort Are Here to Stay!
25 January, 2020

Sweatpants or the sports track pants are designed to provide comfort, and to serve the athletic purpose also. We have gym track pants in various fabrics. For hot summers, we have the cotton sports track pant. We have designed them in a way that they are sweat-absorbent. They easily soak in the sweat and give a cool comfort feeling when worn. The polyester sports track pants can be worn at all times. They are very comfortable and need less maintenance. They are light in weight and can be carried everywhere. We manufacture gym track pants that are flexible and super-stretchable. Our sports track pants can be worn by people of all ages comfortably.

Gym Track Pants of All Varieties

We stock sports track pants in many colors ranging from the traditional gray and black right up to pink and blue. At, Shiv Naresh, you will be spoilt for choices. We stock gym track pants that come in various fits, the tight or the loose-fitting sports track pants. Our gym track pants are comfortable for any activity, whether you are hitting the gym, or doing heavy physical exercise like dancing, trekking, or even when you are doing any household chores, or simply relaxing. Our sports track pants are designed keeping the latest trends in mind. The most important reason for the popularity of sports track pants at Shiv Naresh is that they are extremely comfortable and functional. We offer sports track pants at competitive prices, which meet the requirements of both the fashion needs and budget requirements of our esteemed customers.

Sports Track Pants – Add Charm to the Sport You Play!

Get on the Shiv Naresh sports track pant and hit the gym! Play your sport with style! Whether it is cricket, football, or athletics, we assure you that there is nothing more comfortable than donning a Shiv Naresh sports track pant. So, whether you want to make a fashion statement or use it for your gym, our sports track pant will give you comfort and style. Yes, you got it right! Slay the look with our range of stylish and comfortable sports track pants. Make the bold move with oodles of confidence and style.

Shiv Naresh knows what it is to have a sports track pant that is sophisticated as well as affordable!

Shiv-Naresh - A Culture Of Sports
25 January, 2020

When we look at Mary Kom, Vijender Singh, Sushil Kumar, Abhinav Bindra, and every other athlete today, we can't seem to find any familiarity but one, and it is Shiv-Naresh.

Today, no sportsperson is not aware of Shiv-Naresh or doesn't wear Shiv-Naresh.

Although it is nestled in the congested area of Kirti Nagar, Delhi; it doesn't hinder its production and acclaim. The popularity is quietly growing in the Indian market because of its quality, reliability & economy.

It all started in 1970 with Mr. RK Singh, who was an athlete back then. He faced difficulties with the sports apparels and equipment because of an absence of any sports company in Delhi (Capital of the country). As a result, he started tailoring at home. After some time, he increased the production by distributing it to local athletes. He learned things over time and grew.

In 1978, he founded Shiv-Naresh (keeping the name of his sons together). During its origin, the product was still available in limited areas. The strategy was made for its expansion and today we see Shiv-Naresh as the emerging sportswear brand in Indian Market.

Shiv-Naresh provides apparel for every sport in India- You name it, they have it. In its initial years, Shiv-Naresh was run from home, but now it has its presence with its Delhi head office & dealers all over India.

In an interview, Shiv-Naresh founder, Mr. RK Singh, said referring to his prophecy as "Khel Dilli se hi shuru Hota Hai" (The Game starts only from Delhi).

From 1978 to 2018, the sports apparel & equipment has gone through various transitions. Now there are many technologies available in the market to improve clothing style of a sportsperson. The latest technology offers sweat absorbent and flexibility while playing.

The brand can be used both for active as well as passive sportswear. All the sportsperson uses the shoes as they provide the best comfort just like Adidas & Puma. Inspite of so many rivals in the market, Shiv-Naresh has its ethics for its consumers.

The firm has also made collaborations with CWG2018, Indian Federations of Football, Hockey, Boxing, and more. They have also set their foot in the Bollywood to mark their presence in local markets throughout India & the projects include Mary Kom, Azhar, Budhia Singh and Soorma (upcoming June 2018).

But now the question is, "Will this desi brand survive against its global competitors?"

To answer this, 'Yes, it will survive & flourish.'

Indian sports market is approximately INR 7,500 Cr. giant of which 40% is accountable for sports apparel. Shiv-Naresh provides both active as well as passive sportswear for all ages, and it will see its peak in coming years with the quality they are offering.

For achieving the targets, Shiv-Naresh Team is tightening its belt to be ahead in the race. It is a perfect example of blending strategy with quality and that Indian brands can compete in this global era.

The unflinching belief and the culture of sports they have sets them apart. It is believed that Shiv-Naresh will triumph over the present Indian Market of Sports.

Interview: Shiv Naresh Sports
12 December, 2019

Shiv Naresh is an Indian sportswear brand based out of Karampura, Delhi. The company is known for sponsoring the likes of Mary Kom, Abhinav Bindra, Karnam Malleswari and the Indian hockey team.

The Indian Economist interviewed Mr. RK Singh and his son Mr. Shiv Singh who are the owners of Shiv Naresh to understand how the company carved out a niche for itself as a sporting brand amidst competition from established international brands like Nike and Adidas. The interview is below.

1) How did you come up with the idea of starting Shiv Naresh?

RK Singh: I wanted to buy certain sporting apparel in Delhi but there were no outlets nearby (in the 1970s). I had to go to Patiala just for a pair of shorts, so I started to learn tailoring –basic cutting and casing. One thing led to another and I ended up opening Shiv Naresh in 1980. Back then, we operated the store from my home.

Shiv Singh: In fact, it was my mother who started stitching apparel. She taught my father the basics. She is the real inspiration behind Shiv Naresh. It is her business acumen that we have inherited.

2) What were some of the challenges you faced?

Shiv Singh: We always worked within our financial limits, not seeking to expand our business by renting huge outlets. We utilised whatever investments we had to develop our products and did not face much competition from big brands because our market is different from theirs. They mainly target consumers while our product is purely marketed to sportspeople at this point.

3) How did you manage to market Shiv Naresh to eminent sports personalities?

R.K. Singh: Mary Kom was a child when she came to us for sponsoring her sportswear. So were Sushil Kumar and Vijender Singh. I’m 75 now so you can imagine why I say that they were kids (laughs). It so happened that they performed well and continued wearing our apparel. I guess that it is also a testimony to the quality of our products.

Shiv Singh: No one knew Mary Kom or Abhinav Bindra before they won laurels in their respective fields. Prominent sporting brands seldom endorse young talent, primarily because they don’t know about them. We are passionate that way and we have good networking in the sporting community since my dad was an athlete. Whenever there is a game or a boxing match, we meet and talk and get to know them personally.

4) How do you maintain the quality of your products?

Shiv Singh: We have been associated with all the major sporting teams for the past 30 odd years and have built a good rapport with all those players. They give us feedback on how we could improve our products. Sometimes, they bring sportswear from abroad and we develop our products to match those. We also carry out our own research.

5) You have currently entered the footwear market which is highly competitive. How do you plan on competing against international brands?

Shiv Singh, Right now, we are focusing on making specific shoes for each sporting activity like boxing or wrestling. Most of our sales are through online outlets. Our next plan is to make jogging shoes. On an average, a sporting retail outlet has 30% of its turnover from garments and 70% from shoes. Once we release jogging shoes, we will enter the franchise business model. We don’t have a significant product presence in the consumer market yet and once we develop that, we will deal with competition.

6) Did you ever dream of Shiv Naresh becoming such a success? What is your future plan and vision for the company?

RK Singh, No, never in my life. It’s God’s grace that we have performed this well. We have a very simple vision: We want to ensure that our products are of the best quality and are affordable at reasonable rates to all consumers alike.