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The price illustrated on goods are represented in Indian Rupees and shall include all taxes applicable by law. Commodity prices shall not cover delivery charges, the expense of specific forms of packing or fees for specific voluntary services chosen by the Customer. SHIV-NARESH shall have the right to reject or eliminate any requests placed by the Customer. Pricing on any product(s) as is indicated on the Website may subject to some technical issue,typographical flaw or commodity information printed may be mistakenly, and in such an incident Shiv-Naresh may cancel Customer’s order(s).

The Buyers assure Shiv-Naresh and any of its deputies and agents from any cost, harm, accountability or other consequence of any of the activities of the Buyers of the Website and expressly disclaim any allegations that the Buyers may have in this account under any applicable law. Notwithstanding its analytical efforts in that account, Shiv-Naresh cannot take charge or control the data provided by other Buyers which is made accessible on the Website. Customers may find other Buyer's data to be impertinent, harmful, contradictory, inaccurate, or unreliable. Please use caution and exercise safe buying when using the Website.

Please note that there could be perils in trading with minor persons or people operating under fraud.


Association on the Website is free of charge for customers. Shiv-Naresh does not credit any fee for browsing and purchasing on the Website. Shiv-Naresh reserves the right to alter its Fee Policy from time to time. In particular, Shiv-Naresh may at its sole discretion launch new services and transform some or all of the current services offered on the Website. In such event Shiv-Naresh reserves, the right to attach fees for the new services proposed or improve/add fees for ongoing services, as the case may be. Modifications to the Pay Policy shall be posted on the Website, and such alterations shall automatically become operative instantly after they are published on the Website. Unless otherwise said, all charges shall be cited in Indian Rupees. The Buyers shall be entirely accountable for agreement with all suitable laws in India for making payments to Shiv-Naresh.